The migration period is open

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The migration period is open

Post by LordHeigler » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:49 pm

EN1 players are able to start the migration to PT1 server.

The whole process will happen manually, that means if you want to transfer your character (or get some other compensation) you MUST contact the Game Master following the below instructions:

Inside the game click on “Support -> Contact”
Fill the form strictly like this:
Subject -> Migration

Content ->
Compensation: Full transfer OR Premium items (each one will be explained below, you must choose only one).
Sign: I certify that I have read and agree to all the terms of the migration arranged in the topic of official Lamentosa’s board.
Race target: (werewolf or vampire) -> only for full transfer option
PT1 character: (your character’s name) -> only for premium items option

Option 1 -> Premium items
This compensation is only for users that already have an account on PT1 server and want to convert his/her account from EN1 to PT1’s as premium items (haste potions and grimoire boosts).
The full compensation for this option is:

Blood Crystals: Your current blood crystals will be transferred.
Remaining VIP and Premium time will be sum.
Grimoire Boost and Haste Potions based on Character’s victories. Each 500 victories can be converted to 100 Grimoire Boosts and 25 Haste Potions.

Rules ->
You can ONLY convert EN1 to PT1’s bonuses, you can’t do the opposite like convert PT1’s, transfer EN1 to PT1’s and keep EN1 account on PT1 server with the old account as bonuses.

Option 2 -> Full transfer
Any character from EN1 server can be transferred to PT1, even if the user already owns an account on PT1, however, in such case the user MUST donate one account.

You can also opt for a race, if you’re a vampire on EN1 you can transfer your character as a werewolf if you wish or the opposite, just choose the “race target” correctly when you fill the contact form.

Known issues:
Lamentosa doesn’t allow the same name or same email, we don’t provide name changes either, so if there is a character on PT1 server with the same name of your character from EN1 or same email, the system will add a suffix index like this example:
LordHeigler1, LordHeigler2, LordHeigler3 and so on until it hits a unique name.
For email, it should be like -> heigler@heigler.comy

You should be aware of the email because if it’s already registered on PT1 you won’t be able to recover or delete the account, but that shouldn’t be a issue if you are donating.

The deadline to complete the process of transfer or premium items compensation is of 5 days after your request.
How do you know when it’s done? Simple, your account will be deleted from EN1 server.

Clan Migration

The Clan Migration will happen only after all characters migrations. The clan race can be changed as well, to do this the clan’s leader must contact the game master AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or the clan will be transferred as the original race.
All members will be removed, but the join block will be removed as well. The clan’s leader can claim the ownership back after the process and accept the members.

Deadline for the event
04/04/2018 is the final date, if you don’t send a request your character from EN1 won’t receive any compensation, then send your request BEFORE this date.

The clans will be transferred next day after the final date.

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Re: The migration period is open

Post by LordHeigler » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:01 pm

If a clan leader wants to transfer the clan before the deadline just uses the same contact form to request it, otherwise the clan will be transferred by default after the deadline.

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